The Georgian Bar Association in partnership with the Council of Europe is delighted to host International Conference of Advocates for the seventh consecutive year.

The Conference will take place in Tbilisi - a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-religious city on the crossroads of history which attracts visitors since 5th century AD when it became the capital city of Georgia and which represents a nice blend of both East and West.


As the President of the Georgian Bar Association, I am pleased to invite you to the 7th International Conference of Advocates to be held in Tbilisi on November 8, 2019.

The work of a lawyer in a globalizing world is becoming increasingly
complex and challenging. Thus, it is of utmost importance for us – lawyers
to stay connected and share our experiences for the benefit of stronger legal
profession and the rule of law in our countries. International Conference of Advocates serves as an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas as well as to expand professional networks.


This year’s Conference carries a special importance as it is dedicated to 100th anniversary of the first independent union of Georgia’s legal profession. In celebration of this, the conference will be followed by an official ceremony and gala-reception which will serve as an excellent occasion for experiencing Georgian culture and traditions.

Thank you for your interest in 7th International Conference of Advocates! We look forward to welcoming you in Georgia.

David Asatiani

President of the Georgian Bar Association

About Conference

International Conference of Advocates has become increasingly interesting forum for international participants from around the globe and every other year it attracts higher number of lawyers from around the world. This makes the Conference a wonderful occasion not only for professional development and sharing of ideas but also for personal enrichment as it provides a networking opportunity among successful and highly experienced lawyers from across the globe, Bar leaders, international experts, representatives of international organizations, diplomatic circles as well as Governmental institutions.

Program Overview

The Conference will focus on the issue of “the Role of Bar Associations and Law Societies in Effective Administration of Justice” and it will showcase the presentations of Council of Europe experts on European standards and presentations of Bar leaders on country perspectives concerning the following areas:

  • Key aspects of independence of legal profession and of their professional unions;

  • Importance and the ways of effective cooperation among Bar, Judiciary and Prosecution;

  • Interrelationship between the use of social networks by advocates and their ethical obligations in the context of freedom of expression.

The best practices will be analyzed and compiled in a joint working document which will be shared with all the participants and subsequently published for further guidance and reference for the benefit of the profession of lawyer in the countries concerned.

Conference fees

  • Conference, Official Ceremony and Reception (150 USD)

  • Excursion (40 USD)




David Asatiani

​President of the Georgian Bar Association

maria slazak-President of the European A

Maria Slazak

President of the European Association of Lawyers


Ranko Pelicaric

CCBE First Vice-President


Marc Jobert

Vice-President of the International Commission of the French Bar

Vice-Chair of the CCBE PECO Committee

Jedrzej Klatka.jpg

Jedrzej Klatka

​Chairman of CCBE Model Code of Conduct Committee
Head of Foreign Committee at the Polish National Bar of Attorneys

Iain Mitchel_edited.png

Iain Grant Mitchell

Chairman of CCBE Working Party dealing with protection of Legal Professional Privilege

Member of the CCBE IT Committee and the Bar Council IT Panel


Rytis Jokubauskas

Council of Europe expert


This is a  first draft version of the Agenda. The final version will follow shortly



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